Cool Breezes wins Author Association Award

The Alberta Branch of the Canadian Authors Association was pleased to announce that Edmonton
lawyer and writer Jeananne Kathol Kirwin was the recipient of the 2005 Exporting Alberta Award
for her book “Greetings from Cool Breezes: A Family‚Äôs Year Aboard. ”

Exporting Alberta is given to an Alberta author to aid in promoting his or her work outside the
province. The award is valued at up to $1,000 and includes:

*paid fare to and from at least one Canadian location with an active Canadian Authors
Association branch

*exposure at any given destination consisting of a launch and reading at a Canadian
Authors Association meeting and/or a launch and signing at a local bookstore or library.

Previous winners of the Exporting Alberta Award include Margaret Macpherson (Nellie McClung:
Voice for the Voiceless), Wayne Arthurson (Final Season) and Shirley Serviss (Reading Between
the Lines).

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